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7 days ago

Waste Management Inc (WM.N) People



Mr. W. Robert Reum is Non-Executive Independent Chairman of the Board of Waste Management Inc. Mr. Reum has served as the chief executive of a private diversified manufacturing company for 14 years. He also served as Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Interlake Corporation, a public diversified metal products company, from 1991 to 1999. As a result, he has extensive management experience within a wide range of business functions. Mr. Reum also brings over 20 years of experience serving on the board of directors for public companies. Mr. Reum holds an MBA from Harvard University, a JD from The University of Michigan Law School and a bachelor'

2 weeks ago

Does diesel have a future in America?

It's understandable that the revelation about Volkswagen (VLKAY) cheating on emissions tests with its diesel engines has torpedoed sales of diesel sedans in the U.S., but many buyers of pickups and big SUVs continue to choose diesel power plants.

Only about 6,500 diesel sedans sold in the U.S. this February vs. about 22,000 a year ago before the VW scandal broke. That's according to Allen Schaeffer, executive director of the Diesel Technology Forum, a trade group, in a speech this week before fuel management system software auto writers at the International Motor Press Association in New York City.

Despite these numbers, he predicted a recovery for diesel sedans within a few years. "This scandal will have more impact for Volkswagen as a company than for diesel as a technology," Schaeffer said. The sharp reduction in sales resulted in part from Volkswagen suspending U.S. sales for all diesel versions of its Volkswagen and Audi sedans.

However, some independent analysts believe that while car buyers will continue to shy away from diesel sedans, diesel pickups and SUVs will continue to sell strongly. "It's possible diesel may remain popular in Europe," said senior analyst Karl Brauer of Kelley Blue Book. "But in the U.S. it may fade away completely outside of truck, SUV and industrial applications."

Auto analyst Alan Baum of Baum and Associates, who also spoke to auto writers, made some additional points about the current and future state of the diesel engine market in the U.S.

Businesses that buy work trucks love diesel. Some 70 percent of Ford's (F) big F-250 Super Duty are sold with diesel -- especially good for hauling and towing. Even Chrysler's (FCAU) smaller RAM 1500 pickup, often bought for personal use, sells 15 percent of its production as diesels. General Motors (GM) is now offering diesel options on its compact pickups Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon. By 2018, expect the iconic Jeep Wrangler SUV to offer a diesel. To regain any momentum with diesel beyond pickups and SUVs, automakers need to reduce the premium price for diesel versions of sedans -- now ranging from $2,000 to $4,000. In addition, when gasoline prices are high, the premium for diesel fuel (about $1 a gallon earlier this year) will remain a hindrance. With oil prices down so low now, diesel has retreated to near-parity with gas. To meet tightening government fuel economy standards, automakers fuel management systems will need all possible options, including diesel. With the market for hybrid and electric vehicles only so large, diesel can help get carmakers reach their economy targets.

Baum noted that Cummins (CMI) is now developing a 2.8-liter diesel that gets 40 MPG on the highway but with emissions that meet so-called Tier 3 standards -- equal to the emissions from a Toyota (TM) Prius hybrid. "For people who drive a lot of highway miles," said Baum, "diesel can still make economic sense."

1 month ago

I Love You, You're Perfect, but Watch What You Facebook: Social Media Prenups

A husband and wife are on a romantic vacation at a beach resort. The husband, thinking his wife looks hot, snaps a photo with his phone of her in her bathing suit and posts it to Facebook and Instagram. The wife, hating the way she looks in a bathing suit, finds out about the photo after her phone starts blowing up with notifications that she had been tagged and the comments are flooding in.

She demands he take down the photo. He'd better do it, too -- or he might have to fork over thousands of dollars.

In an age where we are constantly seekin

1 month ago

American Sign Language Classes in NYC

City University of New York, Hunter College

New York City

2 ASL Courses; School of Education offers program for working with Deaf children

City University of New York, School of Professional Studies

New York City

Offers 2 ASL courses

Kingsborough Community College


Offers several beginner courses

Long Island University (LIU) Post


College of Education, Information, and Technology offers 2 ASL courses

SUNY Westchester Community College


Continuing Education program offers 2 ASL courses

The New School

New York City

Continuing Education program offers an introductory ASL course

SUNY Nassau Community College

Garden City

Continuing Education program offers two 8-week ASL courses

2 months ago

Energy Savings and Deregulation in Delaware and Maryland

Energy deregulation allows for people to choose a company to supply their power. Before deregulation, the entire supply and distribution of electrical power was very monopolistic. People were given a rate that they had to pay for all of their energy usage, and had no other options.

Benefits of Deregulation

The shift towards deregulation has helped to create competition in the electricity industry. Electric companies now compete for business with other companies in their state, and homeowners have the option to choose the supplier with the best package and price.

The introduction of a competitive market is meant to help homeowners like you to pay a more affordable price for the valuable energy you need for your home. Energy deregulation is different in every state, so below is some information about energy deregulation in DE and MD.

Deregulation in DE and MD

In Delaware we have the availability to deregulate our electric rates. There are many suppliers available, all with their own unique terms of services. Be sure to check all terms and ask questions to make sure you aren't signing up with something you aren't confident will meet your needs. Some options include: Washington Gas Energy Services, Levco Energy, Delaware Valley Energy Solutions, Cheap Electric Inc., and more!

Some of the customers of these alternative suppliers can save as much as 20 percent! Their rate can drop as low as 9.0 cents per kilowatt hour. That's awesome!

Looking to save even more? Well, how efficient is your home? New plumbing repairs or old, all-yes all-homes can have problems. As air leaks around wires and ducts are a huge contributor, and hardly ever held suspect. There are many other items to consider, and your local energy specialist can identify and correct these problems; making your home more efficient so it uses less energy to keep your home comfortable.

Home Energy Audit

Although energy deregulation can save homeowners money on their monthly energy bills, it is certainly not the only way for them to save! Local energy experts provide home energy savings throughout Delmarva. A great way to start saving is scheduling a home energy audit.

How an Audit Works

During a home energy audit, an expertly trained contractor will perform a series of tests to pinpoint areas in your home where energy loss occurs. After pinpointing the inefficient areas, the energy saving contractor will discuss with you their findings and help you figure out the most effective and efficient way to upgrade your home's overall energy efficiency and comfort.

In addition to saving you money on your monthly energy bills, upgrading your home with energy efficient appliances can find a plumber near me earn you tax rebates to further increase your savings! So don't hesitate!

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